Your Full Service Retail Sales Partner

Tightrope is a full service Sales and Marketing Agency. Our team of Channel experts will provide you with the sales, marketing and analytics support you need to accelerate your product to the shelf. 

We help our clients achieve unparalleled success on retail shelves.
At Tightrope, our aim is to do whatever it takes to not only get your product on the shelf, but to get it off the shelf and into the carts of as many consumers as possible!

How We Do it

  • Product and Packaging reviews
    • Imagery
    • Design
    • Call Out strategy to increase sales
    • Proofing
    • Compliance
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Presentation
    • Building Sales Decks that speak to the Buyer
    • Buyer Meeting Prep
    • Buyer Meeting Support & Follow Up
  • Plan
    • Go to Market
    • Marketing Strategy
  • Placement
    • Retailer regional/test
    • In Store category placement

“All things being equal people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.” 
Bob Burg

Ongoing Support
(Perhaps the MOST important piece of the Puzzle.)

We use Analytics and Data to assist you in:
  • Being more Efficient
  • Prescribing changes to keep cost low and sales high
  • Predictive Analytics for optimal fulfillment and replenishment

Aggregate all of your Supply Chain Data, correlating data across:
  • Manufacturing (stay on top of your manufacturing schedule)
  • Warehousing (insights to manage efficiencies across your warehouse storage)
  • Transportation (tracking on time and fill rate performance)
  • Retailer Point of Sales (Respond to stockout in real time by stores and region) ​

Forecasting, Sales Over Time, Instocks and Earnings by Store/Week Tracking
We use historical data for future growth planning and item advancement.
Semi Annual Deep Dive reviews of Historical and Predictive Data to create comprehensive plans (recommended timing to line up with buyers line reviews - we use the data to educate them in their decision making for highest gain product selection and store placement).